Hidden Gems of Boca Raton Sail the Weekend Away

By: Ana Tegovska

Position: Staff Writer


Discover the fun water recreational activities that are available for Lynn students to enjoy yearlong. 

South Florida is famous for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. During the weekend, if you walk to the beach, you might notice people having boat parties, jet skiing or waterboarding. 

Some residents have private boats, but there are numerous agencies around town that rent boats or different kinds of water sporting equipment, so anyone can feel like a true local. 

Open seven days a week, Flying Fish Boca is located at the dock of Waterstone Resort & Marina, and they have something for everyone. They offer a variety of services, including kayaks, jet ski rentals, Fly Board, snorkel trips, SUP rentals, boats and group activities.

“I love to surf, but the waves are not on my side every weekend. Whenever I can’t surf, I rent a paddleboard or kayak with my friends. We go to the Boca Inlet and enjoy the day next to the boats. They usually play loud music and party during the daytime, so it’s a whole experience to be there,” said Nikolas Zelenikovski, a Boca Raton local.

Depending on one’s budget, students can pick the best activity for them. Jet skis rent from $115/hr.-$65/each additional hour, and they are suitable for two people. Kayaks start from $35/hr. Snorkel trips are $65 per person for a one-hour tour, including boards with LED lights so you can see marine life even at night. Party boats start at $305 for a two-hour trip and fuel, and $90/ea. additional hour.  

“Last year I planned to rent a party boat…to celebrate my birthday, but due to COVID, I couldn’t. I was so excited, so I’m not canceling it, just postponing the party for this year. Can’t wait,” said Ava Aguilar, a senior at Lynn University. 

South Florida has approximately 248 sunny days a year, so the watersport experience and beautiful marine life can fit into anyone’s schedule. 

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