Senioritis: Students Are Not Suffering Alone

By Nicole Schrader

Staff Writer

As the spring semester nears its end, both students and professors are left with the looming effects of “senioritis.”

“Senioritis” is a term associated with upcoming graduates, and their attitudes and work ethics through their last year of school. They often times find themselves putting off work, or find it a hard time to focus. Seniors are not the only people that experience this attitude toward work. 

Professors face the massive amounts of grading late work, final projects and exams, all in the last few weeks of the semester. Some professors can find themselves in a type of “senioritis” as their workload grows exponentially. 

“We might call the professor version “professoritis,” said Sherrie Good, professor. “While many might not experience this, I think that we are all humans and that this time of year if we are truthful we are experiencing fatigue, excitement, relief and hope.”

Some professors develop their own methods for dealing with the coming work as the semester ends and all look forward to a summer break, however, others have mixed feelings as students that have been with them for four years are moving on to their next chapter. 

“[This time of year is] bittersweet!,” said Harika Rao, assistant professor. “Every student every semester brings in a unique perspective and adds color to the class. I am always excited to see their progress but will miss them dearly after the semester ends. In fact, my students are supercharged, motivated and ready for the home stretch. My advisees that are graduating are focused and getting ready to start their internships.”

“I feel like I’m ready for a break,” said Nava Dushi, professor. “Every day before summer break, I understand why we have summer break in this profession. To be good at what we do it is good to have time to refill our batteries and our brains.”

Nicole Schrader

Nicole Schrader is a Boca Raton resident, majoring in film and television and minoring in multimedia design. Schrader expresses her gifts in writing screenplays, editing, photography and graphic design. She looks forward to using all of her talent in the future in the film industry.

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