Discounts Available at Town Center Mall Alleviate Financial Stress for Students

Though it is common to hear about some of the financially negative aspects of a college education, students should keep aware of the benefits available to them.

At the Town Center Mall in Boca, many stores offer great discounts for college students who present their ID at the point of sale.
“I love student discounts because I feel less guilty about purchasing more luxurious items,” said Abbey Busch, senior. “Discounts just make everything easier.”
Stores such as Banana Republic, Top Shop, Ann Taylor, Express and J. Crew, among many others at the mall, have 15 percent or more off on clothing or accessories.
“We want to help to give back to the teachers and students who help to develop a community by offering a discount to make their shopping experience better,” said Daniel Sohlden, a sales associate from Banana Republic.
Though the discounts vary from store to store, every cent saved can make a big difference for college students on a tight budget.
“We give out discounts for students and teachers from all over the community so they can have a fair price for items and clothing at our store,” said Haley T., sales associate from J Crew.
If stores do not offer discounts specifically for students, they should not feel discouraged from saving money; heading online to make purchases can be an effective way to find sales not available in-store.
“We are always running sales online as well. While student or teacher discounts cannot be accepted online, there is always a great deal waiting,” continued the J. Crew employee.
When heading online to the Town Center Mall’s official website, a section titled “Deals & Steals” provides information all about the special offers or incentives available at certain retailers within the mall.
Deals range from a 15 percent student discount at Sperry’s and Kate Spade to a buy one, get one half-off deal at Vitamin World for select products in the physical store.
Ultimately, any time a student can save a couple of dollars, they are helping themselves out.
“Due to all of the high expenses college students have to take on, student discounts make shopping more appealing to people who are dealing with high costs of living associated with their education,” said Stephanie Woloshin, senior.

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