Library Offers Film Services To Aid Students

Films may be primarily viewed as forms of entertainment designed to offer audiences a release from reality. However, schools and universities are implementing programs that encourages the use of films for educational purposes as well.

For students who are required to see films for classes, the Lynn Library maintains an assortment of video services for everyone. These services cater to different students from separate majors and each provides each student a variety of video content to view.

“When Lynn began the iPad initiative, the library decided we needed to provide video content that could be watched on these devices and linked from iTunes U,” said Leecy Barnett, Reference and Instruction librarian. “So we have been providing these services, beginning about four years ago.”

The two main services that students can use are Films on Demand and Kanopy. Films on Demand has a catalog of documentaries, as well as a variety of categories such as current events that include videos from news organizations such as NBC and ABC. Kanopy appeals more to those studying film that features classic, foreign, art and documentary films, including modern classics such as 2009’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

While these two video services are more general with their content, other video services provided by Lynn’s library are geared toward specific majors and differ in the material they provide. Students majoring in psychology, business or music have their own video service to take advantage of.

Psychology students may utilize Counseling and Therapy in Video as a means of exposure to different types of psychology-related methods for different topics such as behavior therapy and psychotherapy. Watching these videos may help provide students with insight into how these practices are conducted.

As for business students, the library features Prendisimo business and entrepreneurship films that allow users to gain access to content based on the professionals and industries within the business realm. Students using the service have the opportunity to learn about topics relating to leadership and entrepreneurship in the business world.

For those studying music and the performing arts, the library features the Berlin Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall and the Naxos Video Library. Both services showcase concerts and other musical performances that benefit students’ area of study.

“Students and faculty who have used these services love them,” said Barnett. “Unfortunately, many people in the Lynn community are not aware that the Library offers streaming videos.”

To locate databases containing film and video content, students can visit the library’s online database platform.

“If [there are those] who have not used Lynn’s streaming video services, I would encourage everyone to go to the library’s databases page online and choose Audio and Video from the Database Type dropdrop-downu,” said Barnett. “Then, choose one of our streaming services and give it a try.”

Lynn’s video library give students access to a visual alternative to advancing their studies, as opposed to more traditional, print forms of conducting research and completing assignments.

Brian Martin

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