Celebration After Dark Features Wolfhawk

Following the main show, Wolfhawk will bring the annual week of Spring Fest and the night of Celebration to a close with an exclusive musical performance.

Celebration After Dark will host Wolfhawk band members President Kevin M. Ross, lead rhythm guitarist, Adam Beighley, rhythm guitarist, Jay Brandt, lead singer and guitarist, Alex Keller, bass player and Dr. Anthony Altieri, drummer.

“Celebration of the Arts is such a great event that showcases the talents of our students and is a tremendous way to end the academic year,” said Dr. Altieri, who besides serving as the band’s drummer, serves as the associate dean of students. “The hard work and dedication of all involved in the production is amazing. The After Dark event is a fun and laid back follow-up to the main event. I love the energy that everyone has coming away from the main stage portion of the evening that runs over into the after party. Celebration After Dark is a chance to celebrate the success of the evening in a fun and high-energy way.”

President Ross has always had a passion for music and wanted to pursue this hobby. From there, the band’s foundation was set, made of both co-workers and friends. Wolfhawk is a rock-‘n-roll band that originated three years ago after a singing challenge was issued to President Ross by Dr. Gregg Cox, vice president of academic affairs.

“Dr. Cox challenged me to sing and I accepted his challenge under two conditions: I would only sing the song ‘Funky Town’ and the classical music conservatory had to be playing it,” said President Ross. “Shortly after, I ran around the dining commons figure out who was musically talented. From there on out, we pretty much just slapped it all together.”

Wolfhawk began their journey performing in garages and at birthday parties. Three years later, the band has moved onto performing small gigs around Boca Raton.

Besides President Ross’ musical ambitions, most are unaware of the musical experiences that Dr. Altieri maintains. The associate dean of students has more than 25 years of experience playing the drums. Previously, Dr. Altieri was part of a band named Article 9. Throughout his time drumming for Article 9, Dr. Altieri had the opportunity to grasp once in a lifetime collaborations with renowned artists like John Mayer.

“Through [Celebration After Dark], people can expect to hear songs they are familiar with, as well as have a chance to see some of their administrators in a different light,” said Dr. Altieri. “It is always fun to see the faces of our students and colleagues when they realize that the band doesn’t [stink].”

The event is open to students and faculty as well as to the local community. Tickets are $15 for general admission, however they are free to Lynn students and employees with a valid Lynn ID. Wolfhawk is scheduled to perform at 9:30 p.m., directly after Celebration’s main ensemble performance in the Wold.

“We weren’t able to play last year, so we are more than ready to make our come-back this year,” said President Ross. “Our songs are better, the equipment is better and overall it will be a much better experience for everyone.”

Ashlan Kelly

Ashlan Kelly is a senior studying communication and emerging media. Kelly is an Orlando native and originally made her way to South Florida to play on the Fighting Knights volleyball team. Kelly hopes to utilize her communication skills to work in the field of insurance sales in the future.

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