“Plugging” Into The Show Before The Show

Celebration of the Arts Unplugged is a variety-style performance of musical theater, dance, poetry and contemporary music.

The black-box experience is a great opportunity for faculty, staff members and students to showcase their talents as an individual artist.

“Unplugged has a more relaxed vibe than the main show,” said Shabach Tyus, junior. “The best thing about it is that you have complete freedom to perform whatever you would like. Last year, I got to create my own choreography and perform it with one of my best friends.”

Last year’s performers said it was an experience that gave them greater insight into the world of musical theater and, perhaps, a start to a future career in song.

“Unplugged allowed me to confirm what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, which is to entertain people,” said Ali Fox, Lynn alumni. “Since it takes place in the black box, you get to be much more close and intimate with the audience than when on the main stage.”

Like every other year, the event will be taking place inside the Wold Performing Arts Center Black Box studio. The experience helps to bring the Lynn community together to honor the arts and provides a valuable platform to share artistry in all its forms of expression.

“Unplugged was one of my favorite events to attend during the Celebration of the Arts,” said Jared Harrison, a music conservatory student. “You get to watch performers from all ages and different styles and that is what makes it so fascinating and unique.”

To find out more information about black box performances and how to become involved as an individual artist or band, contact Angelica Capote, coordinator for Celebration Unplugged, via email at acapote@email.lynn.edu.

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