Graduate Assistant Reflects On Experience

Madelyn Russo, Lynn alumni and current graduate student with a B.A. in International Business, reflected on the valuable life lessons that she developed since choosing to study at Lynn only a few years ago.

Originally from Argentina, Russo was a resident assistant, student ambassador and telecounselor in her undergraduate years.

Recognizing the amount of valuable opportunities available throughout the United States, Russo craved for the chance to study in America. Now, as a graduate assistant in Admissions, Russo manages campus visits while recruiting, training and supervising more than 60 student ambassadors.

“I did a lot of work prior to applying for a GA position, in order to lay down the foundation,” said Russo. “The job was a good fit.”

Once she was selected for the graduate assistant position, Russo utilized the skills that she developed through her years at Lynn.

“My current position pertains to what I studied at Lynn in that I am able to interact with students who are international like me,” said Russo. “I have been able to take advantage of the skills that have been taught to me throughout my time like communication skills, team playing skills [and] leading skills.”

Looking forward, Russo has significant plans beyond her time at Lynn. Still, she reflected on the many collegiate lessons that she encountered during her time before and after graduation that will prepare her for future endeavors.

“Once I am finished with grad school, I want to be able to go to New York and pursue a career in business there,” said Russo.

With the school year coming to a close, alumni like Russo are present on campus to encourage students to persevere. These students are shining examples of what the average person can achieve at Lynn.

From Argentina, to a GA position at Lynn in Boca Raton, Russo overcame every hurdle in her path to success. Russo credits her perseverance and drive for leaving a legacy worthy of praise while at Lynn. Moving forward, Russo can lead more efficiently as a result of her developmental experiences at Lynn, exemplifying the possibilities that are present to all students.

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