How to Dress Toward Success

Above: Students get ready with top notch business attire for job interviews and opportunities. Staff Photo/ A Subervi.
Above: Students get ready with top notch business attire for job interviews and opportunities. Staff Photo/ A Subervi.

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Through the well-known TV show “Scandal,” Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) has influenced a lot of young adults in today’s society.

Due to her professional, yet fashionable style, she now serves as a role model of how women should dress for success.

“Olivia has had a huge influence,” said Kerry Washington to InStyle. “After the first couple of episodes aired, people started posting on Twitter things like ‘I have a job interview today, and I’m trying to dress like Olivia Pope.’”

“Scandal” is a political drama show, focused on Pope and her life as the owner of her own law firm.

Pope is characterized as a commanding leader, not just for the diplomatic way in which she manages things, but also because of how she dresses.

Her daily work attire, filled with nice suits and cardigans, projects confidence and strength in everything she does, inspiring many young adults to dress like her.

It is a surprise to many that the colors worn by Pope portray clarity, honesty and respect.

“I can say that if people dress like Olivia Pope, who is a woman of strength, intelligence and determination, it will help them feel more secure and confident to reach their goal,” said Allison Haon, senior.

Haon, who is soon graduating, confesses that the way one dresses to present themselves says a lot about their character. Haon loves the way that Pope dresses and expresses that she would love to have her wardrobe someday.

However, it is not just women who have been inspired by Pope, but also men who are working toward a successful career.

“I am an opportunist. Colors that you wear represent different feelings and characteristics about yourself, and your boss notices it,” said Lyle Jacobson, senior.

Preparing for his future, Jacobson always make sure that he is dressed professionally because there are no second chances at first impressions.

Without applicants even knowing it, employers always take into a count and notice how one is dressed, which can sometimes even be a determining factor in the application and interview process.

“You are never going to get hired by the way you dress, but you can certainly not get hired by the way you dress,” said Brian Pirttima, director of Center for Learning Abroad.

One must always be sure to be as professional as possible, and of course the attire is one of the first elements that needs to be achieved.

Anastasia Subervi

Anastasia Subervi is a junior studying multimedia journalism and communications. Originally from Dominican Republic, Subervi always had a deep passion for television, which led her work for a television program called “And Then?” Subervi has discovered her passion for writing and is working as an intern for United Press International.

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