ASE Brings New College Tour Experience

The Admitted Student Experience is a free two-day, one-night visit to Lynn on April 23-24 that will allow prospective students to have the chance at visiting Lynn prior to enrolling.

This complimentary program allows students admitted for next fall to meet professors one-on-one, to connect with current students, to meet with future classmates and to see what life at Lynn is like. If a student has submitted their housing deposit prior to ASE, they will have the chance to register for classes.

Adam Hutchinson, graduate student, was previously a residential advisor who has twice hosted students for ASE.

“Over the last two years, I had a great experience as a host for ASE,” Hutchinson said. “Both of the students that I hosted now attend Lynn. It is great to be a part of such a big decision for [prospective students.]”

Over the last six years, 80 percent of students that attended ASE have enrolled at Lynn. Therefore, this program is extremely beneficial to both future students and the University.

This exclusive event allows interested guests to gain a better knowledge of the community and gives current students the opportunity to welcome new students after enrollment. Tara Lunsford, freshman, remembers what it was like to step onto campus for the first time.

“My host was great because she introduced me to students, so I was able to see the type of people that would be my future peers,” said Lunsford. “I was also able to sit down with my academic advisor and get a head start on my academic goals for Lynn.”

Chris Herman, senior, also participated in ASE as a host.

“My roommate during my freshman year was involved with the program and he is [the person] who got me interested in hosting a student,” Herman said. “Seeing my students around campus made hosting ASE such a rewarding experience.”

Hosting ASE provides an opportunity for current Fighting Knights to share their stories and to help implement a lasting impact on a prospective student. The Office of Admissions encourages all students living on campus to participate in the experience.

To find out more information with regards to hosting ASE, qualifications for involvement and additional general information, contact the Office of Admissions or visit admission.

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