Going Green At The Boca Green Market

With locally grown foods, plants, specialty items, fresh flowers, cosmetics and more, the Boca Raton Green Market brings an experience like no other during the seasonal opening of many community farmer’s markets.

The Boca Raton Green Market functions under the premise of farmer markets, guaranteeing and offering Palm Beach community members the freshest produce and agricultural goods through direct distribution from grower to consumer.

Over 45 vendors share fresh produce, from soaps and lotions, to organic dog treats. But the green market is not only a way to promote a healthy lifestyle, it also aims to be recognized as a place where people can gather and chat over a fresh dessert or a cup of tea.

Live music, arts and crafts, food exhibits and community outreach programs designed by a variety of organizations, add to the market’s interest. Gracie Molina, beauty salon business owner, says the green market is one of her most anticipated times of the year.

“Out of the many events around town, I always look forward to this event,” said Molina. “I love bringing my grandkids and daughter with me because there is something for everyone no matter your age, from music, art to natural produce.”

Today, many people are more conscious about what they put into their bodies. Green markets like the Boca Raton market encourage the community to be health conscious and to invest in healthy produce that is grown locally.

Anthony Moberg, a fitness personal trainer, explained why people should not miss the opportunity to stop by.

“This place is very good in customer service and very personable,” said Moberg. “The acai bowl I just ate while shopping around was simply amazing! All organic food, very clean, everyone should come and try it!”

Visitors enjoy fresh, organic produce throughout the growing season, while helping to keep small farms viable. Since produce is harvested just hours before the markets are open, produce remains intensely flavored, juicy and crisp. However, aside feeding one’s body the right way, buying locally grown food conserves energy and other natural resources.

“This is a perfect time to buy organic because it coincides with Florida’s fruit and vegetable harvest season,” said Oakerson. “I personally love supporting local farmers, knowing that I am contributing to the growth of a beautiful business that provides its community with good foods.”

In addition, eating locally grown food makes for stronger farms and better communities. However one looks at it, the dynamic of green markets such as this one seems to be a victory for both consumers and producers.

Those interested have the opportunity to visit the market and enjoy its local produce and goods every Saturday until the end of the spring season.

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