Lynn’s Counseling Center is a Safe Haven for Students Looking for a Place to Go

As the semester comes to an end, students are scrambling to work on assignments and any other final projects their professors throw at them. This may cause students to feel extremely overwhelmed and stressed out. Thankfully, Lynn’s very own Counseling Center is here to help.

Located inside a corner of the E.M. Lynn Residence Center, the center is here to help students with any problems they may be experiencing in their daily lives. The counseling center’s services are catered to help students with whatever problems they may be going through.
“We provide services [that are] free of charge to currently enrolled students,” said counseling center director, Nicole Ovedia. “We provide individual and group therapy sessions on a weekly basis.”
The counseling center is a place where students can talk about any issues they are going through.
The problems this on-campus center deals with are not just limited to school-related issues.
“Issues dealt with in the counseling center include, but obviously are not limited to, depression, stress, anxiety, relationships, alcohol and drug abuse, emotional support, family issues, eating disorders, [etc.]” said Ovedia.
The counseling center is devoted to helping students deal with any personal issues that are affecting them. In addition to its on-campus services, the counseling center also provides students with treatment options located off-campus.
“We offer off-campus referrals for local treatment providers to any client who feels like they’d like to get services off-campus,” said Ovedia. “We have a psychiatrist that comes once a week for a limited amount of time, but that can be arranged through their therapist and [the psychiatrist] can provide an evaluation and/or medication management.”
If students are feeling as if they need help, they can schedule an appointment one of three ways. They can visit the counseling center to schedule an appointment from the hours of 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays.
However, if they cannot visit the center, they can always call (561) 237-7237. If both options do not work, students can always email a member of the staff to make an appointment.
Visiting the counseling center may be a helpful experience to those who feel they cannot deal with their problems on their own. It is highly recommended if this is the case.
“Sometimes students will ask ‘do I need to be in a crisis to come to counseling?’ and I usually say no. It’s better to seek help when you start to doubt your ability to cope,” said Ovedia. “And people will think ‘well should I be able to solve my problems on my own?’ no not always.”
The counseling center is here for students who need help coping with problems that are too big for them to handle on their own.

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