A Note from the Editors on Thanksgiving

During the past year, people of this nation and from around the world have experienced some of the most tense moments in modern history. From international conflict, to national dispute, 2016 can easily be categorized as one of the tougher years of our generation. That is why we would like to welcome the holiday season and Thanksgiving break with open arms and remind our readers to cherish these last weeks of the semester and year.

To take things back, we reflect on the good, the bad and even the odd. Everything from Harambe (a deceased gorilla) to a perceived outbreak in killer clowns has filled our newspaper headlines and our Facebook feeds. Over the summer, the world came together for the 2016 Summer Olympics, watching as world records were squandered by inspiring individuals from around the world. And in America, citizens witnessed one of the most contentious elections in modern times, content to have survived and prepared to conquer the aftermath.
Regardless of the abundance of newsworthy events that have transfixed us over the previous ten months or so, the editors of the iPulse want to thank our readers for the constant support and wish them a holiday season filled with light, love and laughter.
We feel it is imperative to recognize the importance of taking time to appreciate all of the good in the world, so we ask for everyone to hold their loved ones a little bit closer, hold their laughs a little bit longer and smile a little bit brighter.
If we can all do those little things, the rest of this year will, undoubtedly, be just fine.

Photo courtesy of AmericasBestComfort.com.

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