Student Gives Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Tom Sharp, a junior on the lacrosse team, recently was interviewed by iPulse about his thoughts surrounding Thanksgiving.
He was candid with his responses as he recalled stories from his own life while answering questions about the holiday.

Do You Ever Name The Turkey Before You Eat It?

“No, we’re just happy the turkey was cooked properly and at a reasonable hour.”

Who Or What Are You Most Thankful For And Why?

“My family—both at home and the family I have joined as a member of Lynn University’s lacrosse team.”

Name One Tradition You Have At Thanksgiving?

“Rotating who hosts dinner. This makes it so that we include extended family members who are not as well connected to my immediate family i.e. Second cousins, in-laws, aunts and uncles.”

Who’s The Funniest Person At Your Dinner Table And Why?

“It’s a toss up between my siblings and I. [We all have] a similar sense of humor which makes for interesting conversations.”

If You Can Only Eat One Thing During Your Thanksgiving Meal What Would It Be And Why?

“Stuffing. It’s bread and everyone loves bread.

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