Golfing Across the Atlantic

By Amanda Feldstein

Staff Writer

Fraser Thain, Junior made his way to America from Scotland to join the Fighting Knights Men's Golf Team.
Thain. Stock Photo.

Lynn is home to many  differant international students, as displayed by the large number of national flags at the main entrance of campus. Fraser Thain, a junior from Scotland took the long trip across the Atlantic Ocean and found his new home at Lynn’s beautiful campus.

Although Thain is still relatively new to Boca, he had visited the United States prior to enrolling at Lynn. His  decision to pursue his college education so far away from home, was mostly based on golf.

“[I came] to play golf primarily. I’ve been here in the past on family holidays and I like the area.”

He also felt comfortable knowing two fellow Scots on the team, which influenced his decision and helped him through the adjustment process.

Being an athlete is not  Thain’s only role at Lynn. He is a business administration major and plans to use his education to continue pursuing his love for golf in the future. He hopes his commitment to golf and school will shape his future career path.

“I would like to do something still involving myself with the golf business, but that doesn’t necessarily mean playing golf,” said Thain. “Either teaching or coaching, anywhere where it is sunny.”

Thain is a huge fan of Florida, considering the harsh climate he is used to back home. It even gets him through the hard times of being homesick. The pleasant Florida climate certainly helps in this regard.

“From time to time you do miss it but when you look back at the weather at home and it’s raining and 50 degrees in September it doesn’t make a comparison,” said Thain.

One thing he does miss about home is the Scottish culture, but enjoys the fact that America is a melting pot.  When asked to share something interesting about his homeland, he responds, “The national symbol is a unicorn.”

Thain is looking forward to representing the Fighting Knights this upcoming golf season. Look out for him on the course!


Amanda Feldstein

Amanda Feldstein is an alumna with a bachelors degree in biology. As a former member of Lynn's Women’s Soccer team, Feldstein was able to find her aspirations of becoming a physical therapist.

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