From Boca Raton to New York City

Lynn Alum Makes Waves as Fashion Photographer

Madison White, a former fighting knight, graduated Lynn in 2017 and has since worked as a freelance fashion photographer in New York City.

White, the 23-year-old Florida native, studied fashion merchandising at Lynn and graduated in the 3.0 program while competing for the women’s softball team. Following graduation, White pursued her dream to live in New York and become a freelance photographer in the fashion industry.

“When people would ask me what my dream job was when I was young it was always a fashion photographer,” said White. “It is still one of those pinch-me moments when I can’t believe that I am living in my dream city and pursuing my dream career.”

White’s first major job opportunity all started from an Instagram direct message from the head of PR and influencer marketing for Laura Mercier. White began shooting events for Laura Mercier and has been working for her ever since.

“I love being a fashion photographer because it combines my two passions into one career,” said White. “Every shoot is different, and I get to meet so many new people every day.”

White highlighted the benefits of being a freelancer, including the opportunities it has given her to take on new projects and meet new people. White’s work includes shooting for models, influencers, branding events, runway shows, birthday parties and weddings. White also enjoys that her career allows her to be flexible in what project she chooses, as well as being able to make her own schedule.

White finds that the opportunities are endless in New York City. Although White is constantly finding new projects, she finds it challenging to balance her work life and social life. White finds it difficult to say no to new projects, being that she is extremely dedicated to her career.

“I knew if I wanted to work in the fashion industry this was where I needed to be,” said White. “I love the hustle and drive that everyone has living in New York.”

Just recently, White worked her first season as a full-time photographer during New York Fashion Week. White’s schedule consisted of attending shows, shooting backstage, shooting influencers, events and gifting suites for two weeks straight. White values moments like these because she is able to network and connect with people from all over the world in the fashion industry.

“My most exciting moment of this [New York Fashion Week] was being able to attend the Kate Spade Spring/Summer 2020 Runway Show,” said White. “It was in an outdoor garden in Soho, and I was able to shoot the show and celebrities like Emma Roberts, Sadie Sink and Anna Kendrick! Definitely a pinch-me moment.”

White says that first impressions are so important and have created a snowball effect in meeting new clients. White continues to live out her dream and create new content for people in the fashion industry.

To see more of White’s work, visit her Instagram page @madisonlanephoto or her website

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