An Outcry For A More Balanced Perspective Regarding The Violence In Israel

Stephanie Woloshin

Staff Writer

Israel has been the subject of unspeakable atrocities. It has been the victim of incomprehensible terroristic attacks.


Even more disturbing are the news reports and the political administrations response when Israelis are forced to defend themselves against people wielding knives at them.

“Just like any other country, Israel has the right to defend themselves,” said Diane Goldsher, freshman.


Thus, there is arguably a double standard. Of course, the citizens of the U.S. would never accept having to endure rocket attacks, attacks on police or their personal safety.

“I think Israel should keep going to defend themselves,” said Lea Himpens, freshman.


There must be a more balanced understanding in regards to American news media outlets. The media must report in a more empathetic manner during this challenging time.


“The reason why I’m holding Israel to such a high standard, saying that’s its wrong for them to be killing civilians like that even though they’re not really civilians, because once you decide to become a hostile force towards a military or towards law enforcement or anyone they do have the right to protect themselves,” said Alex Lemaigre, senior. “The reason why I’m saying that is because I hold the Israeli military to a higher standard is because the Israeli military is really well trained.”


Concerning the theories that have been expressed, they have provided insight into the ideas used in society. Perhaps, the more seasoned reporters can gain insight from the perspective of young adults.


Violence at the hand of children and misguided individuals is a reprehensible method of achieving attention. Negative publicity, though untrue, is an unfortunate means of influencing uninformed individuals.


In reporting the news, objectivity and the need to showcase both sides of the issues is imperative. With exposure to the perspective of the brave Israeli’s, perhaps more Americans will become sympathetic and understanding about the plight of our most important ally in the democratic state of Israel.


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