Election Forward

In 24 hours, the people will decide what the next four years will look like in the United States. Four years ago, history was made when Donald Trump became the first president-elect of the United States without prior military or government experience.

This year, history will be made once again when the people decide to elect President Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden. This week’s edition is a theme that occurs every four years and will not be seen again until 2024.

Our staff writers covered many stories about both candidates and their impact on the country and thoughts about the elections from students worldwide at Lynn.

Like many of our readers, this is the first presidential election that we can vote for the candidate of our choice. I remember on my 18th birthday registering to vote in my home state.

I was so excited to become an active citizen by voting that November. This past March, I voted in the North Carolina Primaries. After I left the polling station, I felt proud to be a United States citizen–I had the power to determine the candidates for the political party I belong to.

Voting is not a partisan issue– voting is a constitutional right to unite Americans. As United States Citizens, we are the voice for this nation. It is we, the people, that decide who our leaders will be. Each election year, we determine who has the privilege of holding the highest office in the country. By voting, we have the power to decide our future for the next four years.

As we vote, I want us to remember what voting rights activist John Lewis once said, “My dear friends, your vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful, non-violent tool we have to create a more perfect union.”

For voting information in Florida, visit myfloridaelections.com.

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