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Above: The Women Today Luncheon. Staff Photos/V. De La Cruz.
Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.02.51 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.02.42 PM Above: The Women Today Luncheon. Staff Photos/V. De La Cruz.


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Lynn’s Women’s Center Advisory Board proudly hosted the second annual Women Today luncheon in honor of Women’s History Month on March 14.

The event focused on empowering women and celebrating all of their opportunities and successes. It consisted of four esteemed speakers and panels of dynamic leader in different areas, such as education, healthcare, business and social action. After the speakers were done talking, there was a question and answer session where students, faculty and staff were given an opportunity to ask any questions to the panelists.

“Women, you are special, you are incredible, you are resilient,” said Dr. Corey King, Vice President for Student Affairs at FAU.

The first speaker was President Kevin M. Ross. Followed by King, Laurie Levine, Lynn’s Vice President of Finance, Wendi Blum, author and international speaker, and Debra Robinson, Director of Internal Medicine at the West Palm Beach Medical Center.

The panelist shared wonderful insights. Throughout their lives, they had many experiences that taught them different lessons about women’s position in the world. Even though there was a male among the speakers, he provided one of the most interesting insights.

Levine shared some information on The Leadership Landscape. She mentioned how women account for 51 percent of graduates in the country, but not the same percentage hold important positions in the country.

“The goal is to improve women positions in the office,” said Levine.

Above all, the panelist taught something very important to the young women sitting in the audience. They encouraged them to be different, to be brave and above all to be unique.

“Even the word impossible says I-am-possible in those words,” said Blum.

Women are a very important part of society; they are mothers, entrepreneurs, friends, writers, daughters and more.

Charlotte Muriel, coordinator of the women’s center and the mastermind behind this event, shared some information regarding the influences that the women’s center has had on both the men and women of the Lynn community.

“Students have participated in various programs and events, such as the Bystander Intervention Program, Women Today luncheons, poster campaigns, The Vagina Monologues production and Walk a Mile In Her Shoes, to name a few,” said Muriel. “Students are made aware of gender violence issues and the issues that face [college aged] men and women on our campus.”

One of the most influential ways to inspire young females to stand up for themselves is to, “Have a mentor,” said Muriel. “Someone that they look up to, someone who is in a position that they would like to be in one day, and keep that relationship.”


Victoria De La Cruz

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