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Life after Lynn can be a nerve-racking thought for students who are graduating this May, but there are Lynn graduates that prove life after graduation is not too bad after all.

Carolina Abello is an alumna of the class of 2015, with a strong Brazilian, Colombian and Italian heritage. She studied Communications and Emerging Media at Lynn, and after she graduated she decided that she wanted to move to Miami so she could work at Univision Communication, the leading media company serving Hispanic America.

She persisted, and with perseverance and hard work, she finally got a job at Univision Communications as Strategic Communications Fellow.

“I am in charge of helping the VP of Strategic Communications in the News Department, Jose Zamora, with all of the tasks that he is handling at the moment,” said Abello. “Right now I assist him with press releases.”

She also posts media alerts, edits transcripts and other documents that are meant for distribution, and follows up on the coverage the company’s published digital content has on other publications.

“I have also become involved with the preparation for the Democratic Debate Univision will be hosting in alliance with the DNC and the Washington Post on March 9 at the Miami Dade College Kendal Campus,” said Abello. “It has been a very fruitful experience and I have learned a lot in the four months that I have been there.”

Being able to attend the final Presidential debate was an opportunity that Abello had when she was at Lynn, but being able to attend the Democratic Debate as part of the press is a unique experience that her job has provided her.

Abello is thankful for her current job and as she reminisces on her last semester at Lynn, she recommends future graduates to be persistent and always prepared.

“If you are an international student make sure to be informed about all of the OPT paperwork and start looking for a job before graduation because it might make it easier for the OPT deadlines and restrictions,” said Abello. “Also don’t be afraid to knock on doors and ask. The worse thing that could happen is you get no answer but it is worth trying.”

Above all, Abello recommends students to have a clear resume and to personalize it as much as they can for each job application. Graduation can be a hard transition for many but if one plans the right way, it can become very enjoyable.

Victoria De La Cruz

Victoria De La Cruz is a senior majoring in advertising and public relations, with a minor in multimedia journalism. De La Cruz considers writing and fashion to be her greatest passions. She has her own blog, Sartorial Dreams. In the near future, De la Cruz dreams of working full time with her blog and eventually developing her own fashion brand.

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