Developing a Business Mindset: Pablo Cuellar, A Successful Young Entrepreneur

Pablo Cuellar shares his story with iPulse on becoming a young entrepreneur reselling sneakers. Once Cuellar joined the Watson Program, he changed his strategy to a more mindful approach.

“I got into reselling sneakers not because of any financial need, but because of the pure joy of trying something new,” said Cuellar.

Cuellar found a new business path that brings him more fulfillment: fashion sustainability. His long-term plans are to stop reselling shoes and focus on creating eco-friendly clothing.

As a teen, Cuellar wasn’t forced to work, yet he developed a strong sense of curiosity to keep his life busy. Sometime later, Cuellar realized that he was viewing his businesses through a money-making perspective.

“[I was] trying to meet the highest margins all the time, finding the best deals, getting in contact with the best dealers,” said Cuellar.

Cuellar highlights the importance of simply enjoying the process instead of solely focusing on small beginnings. However, the fear of not reaching one’s goal is one of the primary reasons people do not put their hopes and dreams into action. Recently, Watson Institute at Lynn hosted a masterclass with Jeff Hoffman, bestselling author and Hollywood film producer. Jeff Hoffman said that young entrepreneurs struggle with showing credibility because they may have developed the end product yet, which is essential to deliver to the customers or clients.

“Finally, I am back to the mindset of a 10-year-old kid who could care less about the money,” said Cuellar. “I wake up and go to bed with thoughts about fashion and learning more about it.”

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