Trading Pencils For Pine Trees

Camp counselor helping camper practice archery.
Camp counselor helping Pine Tree campers practice archery on Lynn’s campus.


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Pine Tree Camps, located on Lynn’s campus, is one of the best summer camps in South Florida.

Pine Tree offers many different mini-camps that are centered on learning new experiences. Pine Tree contains camps such as Multimedia camp and Circus camp, among others, that allow campers to learn new techniques, such as taking a photo with high-tech equipment or learning how to perform different acrobatic tricks in succession of one another.

Like all great things in life, Pine Tree Camps has an origin story. “Pine Tree Camps was started in 1978 by Mrs. Helen Ross and Sue Merrill,” said Diane DiCerbo, camp director. “It was started so that the staff and faculty at the College of Boca Raton (later Lynn University) could have their children busy during the summer months so that they could continue to work toward making the college a great place to attend.”

Each of the three sessions of Pine Tree Camps contains something that every child can enjoy. “I find Pine Tree Camps to be a very family oriented camp,” said Marianne Wasserman, assistant director of Pine Tree Camps. “I’ve seen kids start here at the age of three and have fallen in love with the Pine Tree lifestyle and will continue to be in love with it until they get real jobs.”

The main highlight of the summer always lies in the middle of the third and final session, when the camp is split up into two teams for the camp’s annual Color War. According to Wasserman, “Color War started out with more administrated planning and has emerged into our captains taking charge of most of our activities as opposed to our administration dictating what needs to get done. Every year it gets more and more competitive, more creative, but it always ends up that we are always a part of the Pine Tree family.”

Many children around the country have had the opportunity to experience Pine Tree Camps. Counselors have had the privilege of watching their campers mature over the years, from watching campers experience their first summer at the age of three to watching those same campers finish their final summer at the age of fourteen.

“My whole family has gone here and left with happiness,” said Wasserman. “It’s quite evident that Pine Tree values family.”

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