Summer Comes, Students Go

Looking at the Lynn University Campus Without its Most Important Asset – The Students

By Adam Cohen Staff Writer

Lynn University’s beautiful tropical campus falls into a peaceful trance as the summer of 2023 arrives. “I hear the animals more than I hear the students,” said Lynn student Tessa Owens, referring to the abundance of native wildlife that calls Lynn University home. For bird calls to be the most prominent noise on a college campus at a given time, the campus must truly be empty.

Once-highly sought-after spots in campus are empty for the coming months, giving the students that stick around for the Summer Day Session an opportunity to truly take advantage of what Lynn’s campus has to offer. This terrace on the second floor of the Lynn Library is full every weekday during the school year, especially during the winter. There is no better place to study when the weather is cool than on a beautiful balcony overlooking the north end of Lynn’s campus. “I’ve never seen it this empty,” said student Mamoun Bennouna, referring to the typically high-traffic spots on campus.

“This honestly might be my favorite time of year at Lynn,” said Bennouna. With campus empty and classes only in session for two more weeks, Lynn University gears up for their annual summer camp. However, until that starts, campus will remain how it is now – peaceful, calm, and quiet. Students that remain here over the summer will get to truly experience every asset that Lynn University has to offer them.

The one true drawback to the summer experience, however, is the heat. South Florida summers are punishing, and this coming summer will be no exception. At the peak of summer, Floridians will sometimes experience weeks without the temperature ever dropping below the mid-80s. However, many find this to be a good time to remain inside and stay productive.

The empty second floor of the Lynn Library. Photo/A. Cohen.
A view of the empty 2nd floor terrace of the Lynn Library. Photo/A. Cohen.
The empty swimming pool on the south side of Lynn University’s campus. Photo/A. Cohen.

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