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Romanshika Singh Balances Business & Communication

By Onielia Wilson, Managing Editor

Romanshika Singh is a Lynn senior from Nepal studying social entrepreneurship in the College of Business and Management. Though she is a business major, she has been making strides in communication and aspires to work at a media production company after graduation.

“I’ve always been a fan of YouTube and Instagram. Seeing content creators put themselves out there was interesting to me,” said Singh. “During the pandemic, I got time to experiment with media, and I realized it gives me satisfaction, and it is what I truly want to do.”

Singh identifies as a content creator, creating content about fashion and student life on Instagram. She also launched her own podcast on Spotify in September, entitled “FashionNerd.”

Over the summer, Singh interned at Brandstar as a social media content creator. Brandstar is the organization that, as part of a partnership effort to help students gain hands-on, industry-level experiences while in college, donated an LED wall to the TV studio in the College of Communication and Design. She is also an anchor for iPulse Live, Lynn’s brand-new live news show.

According to Singh:

“I use the TV studio for iPulse Live, reserve a room for my podcast and edit content with Adobe Creative Cloud that Lynn offers students for free. Without these resources, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing now. I am grateful for this access, and I make the best use of it.”

Lynn students, regardless of their major or field of study, have access to several resources within the College of Communication and Design, which is located on the third floor of the library.

They can make reservations and use the TV studio, the podcast room and other spaces, including iPulse’s newsroom, with its social media garden wall. They can also rent

production equipment free of charge, such as cameras and tripods. Additionally, there are several computers within the college updated with the latest Adobe Suite and other design and editing platforms that students can use for free to design, animate, edit and create.

There are always people — students, faculty and staff — available to help. The small classroom settings and close-knit culture on the third floor makes it easy for students to regularly meet with professors for assistance and advice, most of whom are industry experts in their own right, readily available to students and passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Professors in the college include former editors of nationally-recognized scholarly journals, advertising and PR professionals, journalists, filmmakers, visuals artists and animators.

“My advice is don’t let your passion die. You can pursue communication and design along with something else, so get involved because you have the resources here,” said Singh.

Communication and design are applicable in any professional field. Students pursuing other majors can get involved in communication and design by taking an elective, learning skills in their free time and attending events and clubs within the college.

Singh visiting the third floor of the library. Photo/ O.Wilson
Singh recording her podcast at Lynn. Photo/ R. Singh
Singh in the studio for IPulse Live. Photo/ C. Robinson

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