Study Abroad Opportunities for Fashion Students

France, Milan & Spain Now Offered

By Katie Zivley, Managing Editor

Have you ever wondered where the best places for fashion students to gain the most academic experience are?

If you open the Canvas app or go to, there are various announcements about study abroad opportunities to choose from.

If you are interested in learning more about study abroad options, visit the International Programs and Services on the second floor of The University Center.

“Since the fashion program is a business major, I would definitely recommend going to places where they have a lot of business courses, such as Barcelona or Madrid in Spain,” said Study Abroad Marketing Assistant Federica Pezzana with International Programs & Services.

One question commonly asked: Why study abroad when you already attend a university that provides an academic focus for your major? The answer: To get a once-in-a-lifetime experience, learn about different cultures and get inspired.

“I went to Florence University of the Arts last semester, and they have a bunch of different fashion courses,” said Emory Hemmel, a senior. “The streets of Florence are filled with all kinds of shops, people and inspiration.”

“I’m currently abroad in Milan for international business, but I’m focused on fashion,” said Florencia Zuccolillo, a senior. “My internship is marketing for a textile company, and the best thing is being able to meet new people and learn about new cultures.”

Studying abroad in another country students are not familiar with can be intimidating. Thankfully, Lynn has professionals to help guide them through, ensuring they have great experiences and maximize their learning.

“You’ll learn a lot about fashion in most European countries,” said Pezzana. “If you are more into Asian fashion, then there’s a program in Seoul, South Korea, where they offer classes related to K-pop fashion, for example.”

The next time you question whether or not you should study abroad, go to International Programs & Services to get your questions answered.

The International Programs & Services in the University Center. Photo/K.Zivley.
The International Programs & Services in the University Center. Photo/K.Zivley.
Florencia Rodriguez in the Porta Romana area. Photo/N. Callas.

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