Embracing Fair Trade

Lynn University Continues Its Positive Impact Through Fair Trade
By Dilieth Borges, Contributing Writer

Fair trade is a term that is increasingly popular by the day and refers to the vast network of companies, organizations, advocates, producers and consumers that make conscious choices for the betterment of the planet, its people and those who work on producing different goods.

In order for any product to receive a fair trade certification, it must meet the globally recognized method of sustainable sourcing. The process is rigorous, but it sets a standard for a world-changing way of conducting business. The certification is a way to build a transparent supply chain, improve livelihoods and protect the environment. The label itself stands for rigorous environmental, economic and social standards that require safe and sustainable working conditions, environmental safeguarding and community development.  

In Florida, only two universities have the prestigious fair trade certification, and since 2018, Lynn University is one of them.

“This is a great opportunity for Lynn to expand its horizon and be part of the making for a better future,” said criminal justice major Karissa Karpinski.

“It is beneficial to all students, and it highlights the workers, taking away harmful stereotypes,” added political science student and president of the Latinos Unidos organization Ariana Casillas Rodriguez.

The positive approval for the initiative is shared among the students. With signature service projects including the annual Citizenship Project, the Social Impact Lab — an experiential learning space that generates positive impact both locally and globally through sustainable business concepts — and an upcoming Fair Trade club on campus, Lynn continues to make strides in social impact education and practice in the classroom and beyond.

“Fair trade is a great way for students to take up the fight toward striving for a more equitable and just world,” said Dr. Shari Bissoondatt, the advisor for this upcoming organization. “Lynn students are more than capable of this challenge.”

The expectations for the Fair Trade initiative at Lynn are tremendous. The organization hopes to move into the next year, connecting Lynn to the local fair trade community and bringing their sustainable goods to campus.

Fair trade VEGA coffee offered at the Elmore Dining Commons. Photo/VEGA Coffee.
: Former students Rigo Beltran, Gabby Monahan and Megan Selfridge, who led the original fair trade application process that earned Lynn the recognition, pose with fair trade certificates.
Fair trade furniture available at Pottery Barn. Photo/Pottery Barn.

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