The Power of Digital Marketing

Lynn’s MBA Specialization in Marketing brings nothing but opportunities for students.

By Gretchen Lembcke-Pena, Editor-in-Chief

Recently, Dr. Matteo Peroni’s MBA class in Specialization in Marketing proposed a marketing strategy for the Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority with the help of Don Kolodz, President and CEO of Tourism Strategic Solutions as well as their own individual projects.

            Dr. Peroni, who led an eight-week course within this degree, was set to guide his students through the arduous process of satisfying their client, the Delray Beach DDA. What started out as small brainstorming sessions turned into a full-on tourist website that included everything from information on things to do in the area to ongoing events and a web and phone format. This received such recognition that they were able to launch their campaign alongside their client.

            “I couldn’t ask for a better team of students, really,” said Dr. Peroni. “I had the students take a deep dive into Delray Beach. Not just rely on the package of information that was given to us. They had to go and visit the town. [T]hey shared their findings using a mind-mapping tool and presented a progress report to those in the DDA.”

            iPulse spoke with one of his students, Sandra Guerrero, who was a part of the website development for Delray Beach DDA. She touched on her experience in the course, her work ethic, and how to handle working on a project as big as this one.

            “I think [this program] was good not only for me, since I already have experience in the workplace, but also for people who don’t have any work experience outside school,” said Guerrero.

            Aside from this huge project, students were able to conduct their own individual projects as well. One of them, “Eskinita”, is based on traditional Spanish cuisine dedicated to spreading the culture and flavors that inhabit Spain. Graduate student Sergio Blanco was the mind behind it all, and what began as a class startup continued after the end of the course.

            “He brought a Spanish omelet to class, and it was really good,” said Dr. Peroni. “[S]tudents can take these projects in many directions. They can either do something that is non-monetized, something with social impact involved, or as it’s happened before, students who are entrepreneurs take advantage of this course because it gives them the opportunity to launch their business from a digital marketing perspective and start getting their brand out there.”

            Another project that stood out within the class was “Being Human”, which involved helping homeless individuals in Broward County. With this campaign, they launched an event named “Out for Blood”, which involved a tennis match with prizes such as tennis rackets and it ultimately raised over $2,600 in donations for cancer research. William Ljungstrom and Ali Nazem brought the project to fruition and managed to make a huge change in their community.

            “It was amazing how a Swedish and Persian student who have never worked together before teamed up and managed to achieve such results in so little time,” said Dr. Peroni. “It is a true testimony of Lynn University’s international diversity and emphasis on teamwork.”

            The power of digital marketing can be born from the smallest idea, and it is efforts like taking part in this course that bring that to fruition. Lynn University’s MBA in Specialization in Marketing can help in the learning, process, and success that comes with building your vision for the future.

Dr. Peroni’s class pictured with the Eskinita logo. Photo/Dr. M. Peroni
Poster for “Out for Blood” event. Photo/Dr. M. Peroni.
Layout for Delray Beach website. Photo/Dr. M. Peroni

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