Laundry Tips for College Students

How to Take Care of Your Clothes in Campus Washers & Dryers

By Clotilde Soullier, Assistant Editor

Although it can sometimes be challenging, doing laundry at college is generally an easy task.

You can become an expert of taking care of your clothes and doing laundry if you read labels and take your time sorting. Trust the process, it is simple!

The first thing to do is to separate the dark colors from the lighter ones. Put the dark clothes in one load of laundry, while lighter colors should be washed separately. Also, it is best if denim items are separated from other cotton materials. Generally, neither light nor dark clothing should be piled together.

“What I love doing with my laundry is that I place my things in a separating laundry basket; it makes life so much easier when doing laundry. I then proceed to wash my darker clothing since I usually wear dark items more often than lighter ones,” said Sophia Furguet, a junior at Lynn University.

The next step is to head to the washing machine. When seeing the washing machine for the first time, it can be a bit overwhelming; therefore, reading the labels on the clothing items and on the machines correctly and choosing the correct setting at which to wash them is essential. Remember that articles of clothing you would not normally wear daily may need to be in a separate load.

“When I first saw the washing machine here on campus, I was terrified because I did not want my clothing items to get ruined in case I chose an incorrect setting,” said Furguet. “Therefore, when it is time for me to do laundry, I ensure I read all the labels and instructions correctly,” said Furguet.

Students usually have access to several washing machines in the laundry room at college and their apartments, but the best tip is to wash it at night or over the weekend. By doing so, people will not move your items and misplace them in a segregated dryer or washing machine.

“The first time I started doing laundry in the dorm laundry room, I searched for my clothing many times since some people decided to move my laundry on top of the washing machine,” said Furguet. “Public laundry rooms are never safe for unattended clothes! Keep that in mind.”

It is also highly recommended that you soak stained clothing for at least a day if it is visible or noticeable. Most importantly, make sure that you are on time to pick up your laundry before someone else does.

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