Two Down, Two to Go 

My time at Lynn so far 


I’m Jeremy Scott, but I’m better known as JT. I’m a 20 year old sophomore student at Lynn University. Im a staff writer for iPulse student newspaper and is currently studying multimedia journalism with hopes of one day being an ESPN sports analyst. 

I was born and raised in Wellesley, Massachusetts by two loving parents Stacy and Jeremy (JP) Scott. My  young years consisted of lots of sports, spending time outside fishing and swimming and time with friends and family. 

I graduated from Wellesley High school, and in the summer of 2020 as a 19 year old freshman, I stepped on to Lynn’s campus for the first time. 

I was a little scared when I first got to campus. I went to a High School of 1,400 kids total so a college campus was a big jump for him. 

I spent his first year at Lynn focusing hard on his grades with the goal of making Dean’s list. My hard work helped him make connections with professors like Stefanine Powers who recommended me for classes like TV production and the iPulse newspaper and podcast. 

I would finish his freshman year with the best grades of his academic career along with making Dean’s list. 

It was a huge accomplishment for me. In High School I was a terrible student, I didn’t think he’d ever get accepted to college at all, so this is a reminder of how far I had come as a student and as an individual. 

These accomplishments would give me the motivation to continue his hard work into his sophomore year at Lynn. 

In my second year, I would join the iPulse newspaper as well as the TV production team. These things would help me push his work and future career to the next level. 

I began writing sports articles for the school newspaper along with being on set for the TV production group. 

I found that I had a passion for writing sports articles and was good at it. I was also finding that he was quite confident on camera and could carry his sports articles over to the TV side. 

I would continue to write for the iPulse and help from time to time with the TV production team for the rest of the year. My writing and TV work would also eventually help me land an internship with ESPN in Orlando. 

Now as we get into the last month of our time this year at Lynn,  I enjoy looking back at how far I have come. 

When I came to this school, I had no idea what I wanted to do in his life. Now here I am is, a sports writer and TV production team helper with a clear goal in mind of what he want to accomplish in my career. 

Since coming to Lynn, I have made Dean’s list both years, received internship offers from major sports companies and have become the student I always knew I was capable of becoming. 

I still has two more years at Lynn and plan on continuing working with the newspaper and TV production team. Who knows what’s in store for me in the coming two years. 

Scott (far right) pictured with his friends, Alex, James and Nicolas. 

Photo/ JT Scott. 

JT Scott on move in day freshman year. Photo/@stacyanna via Instagram.  
Scott’s first published article in the iPulse Newspaper. Photo/ Lynn university/JT Scott. 

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