Social Impact Scholars Program A New Path for Positive Impact at Lynn

By Dr. Antonella Regueiro

Lynn University’s Social Impact Task Force has unveiled a new program to engage students with social impact across curricular and co-curricular initiatives. The Social Impact Scholars (SIS) program is a multi-year initiative students complete throughout their three to four years at Lynn. 

SIS engages students with Lynn’s Five Pillars of Social Impact: Experiential Learning, Continued Community Engagement, Academic and Interdisciplinary collaboration, Professional Development and Personal Development. These five pillars are the medium through which Lynn University creates holistic changemakers that tackle the issues of today and tomorrow with innovative solutions. 

According to Dr. Timea Varga, associate professor and co-founder of the Social Impact Task Force, “The Social Impact Scholars program complements students’ academic experiences and equips them with the skills employers look for in a global and increasingly socially conscious workforce. Its structure, unique to Lynn, makes it not only fun but also feasible to complete, while adding value to one’s degree and portfolio.” 

Students first learn about the program in Lynn 101, and if interested, are enrolled in it for the duration of their stay at the university. The program pulls from existing initiatives such as the Citizenship Project, Map the System, Group Fitness Courses and internship opportunities and interconnects these experiences with the importance of creating positive impact in local and global communities. 

According to Dr. Wayne Law, associate professor and member of the task force, “Students are already participating in many of the required events throughout their time at Lynn. This program keeps a record of these activities and accomplishments in one central location so that when students graduate, they will have accumulated a portfolio of what they have done that others can recognize as well.” 

Students who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion, signature badges showcasing their earned skills and more. 

Although the program is designed for students to begin during their first year, students at other levels are also eligible to participate, considering that many have already completed several of the program requirements. This means that even juniors and seniors should learn more about this opportunity. 

“Being a part of this program allows students to show the world that they are willing to put in the work to positively impact their communities, which is invaluable, as more and more companies are seeking those types of employees to join their teams,” said Dr. Law.  

The program is open to undergraduate students in any major. Interested students should contact Dr. Antonella Regueiro ( or Dr. Timea Varga ( to be enrolled in the program. 

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