The Haunted Ball and Haunted Halls Taking Place This Sunday

With Halloween fast approaching, students can look forward to events on campus to get them into the Halloween spirit. This Sunday, the Center for Student Involvement (CSI), Housing and Residence Life (HRL) and the Student Activities Board (SAB) will be hosting two events: the Haunted Ball and the Haunted Halls.

The Haunted Ball is an event that takes place on the residence hall quad at 7 p.m. It is a Halloween dance party for students and they are offered many treats upon attending.


“The Haunted Ball in the residence hall quad happens at the same time [as another event] to allow students a break with food, candy and music,” said Jawaun Rogers, Student Involvement Coordinator.


The Haunted Ball is meant to be a social gathering for those who wish to socialize and take a break from schoolwork. Edson Hernandez, sophomore and SAB president, stated that the event is well worth it.


“We encourage students to come because we try to… create unbelievable experiences for them and it really, you know, if you like to meet new people, it’s always an awesome opportunity for that,” said Hernandez.


This year’s Haunted Ball is also going to have some special treats for students to enjoy. These are a popcorn bar, a chocolate and cheese fondue, a hot chocolate bar and apple cider.


In addition to the Haunted Ball, another event that will be taking place at the same time is the Haunted Halls. Students who explore these halls can expect Halloween themed scariness.


“It is a day when the five residence halls are converted into haunted houses that you are able to go through and enjoy,” said Rogers.


Each residence hall will have its own unique theme relating to Halloween. Themes from previous years have included one based on the “The Walking Dead” TV series.


With both of these events taking place this Sunday, students can end their weekend by celebrating Halloween and taking a break before the school week begins.

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