Shawn Johnson and His Powerful Legacy Lynn alumnus Still Contributes to the Lynn Community

Lynn alumnus Still Contributes to the Lynn Community

By Hattie Rowe

Staff Writer

Many people on campus know Shawn Johnson, Lynn University alumnus and campus visit specialist. He has done it all, seen it all and knows everything that happens on Lynn’s campus.

Johnson’s South Florida life began in 2009 when he moved from Pelham, Ala., to Florida. He was homeschooled for middle school and high school in Alabama, yet knew he wanted to continue his academic journey at Lynn.

“I firmly believe those formative educational years prepared me to succeed in Lynn’s personalized environment,” said Johnson. He was elated at a campus visit. “The campus visits folks set me up with a sit-in with Professor Ted Curtis, and his passion in the classroom resonated with me – and I flipped my commitment accordingly. Combining that sit-in experience with my affinity for sports journalism, Lynn University seemed like a strong fit.”

Johnson then proceeded to have a Lynn academic career like no other. He majored in Multimedia Journalism and became actively involved in many campus activities, succeeding in all he did.

He was deeply involved with iPulse holding the position of editor-in-chief, was a student leader for the Office of Admissions, a crew member for the Center for Career and Alumni Connections and ran for student government his senior year. He also worked off-campus as an assistant director at Chick-fil-A. In 2019, he was named the commencement ceremony speaker.

“I still vividly remember my conversation with Anthony Altieri, vice president for Student Affairs, when the decision had been made. It had been something I had thought of numerous times, but I never really expected it, given the countless fellow graduates I knew were equally as deserving. Feeling like a culminating point of sorts, that speech – where I talked about the importance of embracing non-traditionalism – allowed me to put my final mark as an undergraduate student at Lynn, in front of thousands.” said Johnson.

With his many achievements as an undergrad student, Johnson knew he could not leave Lynn yet. In his gut, he knew he had more to give to his alma mater. Currently, Johnson is working in the Office of Admissions as a campus visit specialist where he puts together visual content to enhance the experience for prospective students. Recently, Johnson completed an MBA in Business Administration, specializing in media management.

Johnson is passionate about what he does for Lynn and all the responsibilities that come along with it. He explained how things came full circle for him during his time at the university.

“I’m just grateful for the opportunities presented to me and looking forward to more growth as a young professional,” said Johnson.

It is always exciting to see Lynn’s alumni continuing their legacy at the university, and seeing how they are making a powerful difference, and as such, Johnson is an important member of the Lynn community.

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