A Brand New You

Giuliana Carrozza shares her writing experience as she anticipates the release of her first book, “Brand You,” to be published in the spring of 2021.

Originally from Brazil, Carrozza intended to venture away from the ordinary path and make her dream of becoming an author a reality.

A professor from Georgetown University read some of Carrozza’s work, fell in love with her writing style and eventually messaged Carrozza about writing a book together. Carrozza then pitched the concept of “Brand You” to the professor, and the rest was history.

“Brand You” is about personal branding from the inside out. Similar to corporate branding, Carrozza discussed in her book that people should find a mission and core values for their personal brand.

“[Personal Branding] is not just something that is on social media,” said Carrozza, junior. “It is much more behind the scenes. You have to do a lot of work on yourself.”

“Brand You” uses Carrozza’s personal experiences and extensive research

in hopes of getting people to find themselves and create their personal brand. The goal for everyone is to discover what they are passionate about and to acquire an understanding of what their greatest talents are.

“My purpose is to help people find their purpose,” said Carrozza.

The book is going to be divided into two sections. The first being Carrozza’s personal stories and the second portion will include interviews from psychologists, life coaches and scientific studies regarding self- improvement.

As of right now, Carrozza is working on putting all the pieces together and improving the writing style. Once the creative process is finished, Carrozza aims to work with her marketing and editorial team to determine if the book is appropriate for the intended target audience and to organize launch events.

“Brand You” is for anyone that wants to elevate their lives, know what their power is, and release their inner voice,” said Carrozza.

“Brand You” is set to release in April 2021 and will be available for purchase on Amazon. In the meantime, potential readers can follow along Carrozza’s writing process by visiting https://www. brandyouby.com/book

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