Just Dance!

Lynn University’s Resident Assistants recently organized a Just Dance event in Elaine’s as one of the first in-person social distancing events.

Students enjoyed some dancing while safely respecting the COVID-19 rules. “I just arrived at Lynn, and I didn’t know anybody. As I am a freshman from Italy, participating in this event helped me meet many new people and start my college experience in an exciting way,” said Massimiliano Biancardi, freshman.

Everyone wore face masks, even while dancing. The students could enjoy some snacks between dances. Three $10 Chick- fil-A gift cards were given as prizes for the best dancers.

“I organized this event because I thought it could be a nice way to meet new people while having fun,” said Carlo Pezzana, senior. “Even though masks were required, I am happy with the outcome of the event as about 30 people participated and enjoyed an active dance session.”

The main goal of Lynn events is to help students to get to know more people and socialize, and because of COVID-19, it is harder to do so. To ensure that students meet new people, Lynn has a combination of Zoom and in-person events.

“It was a nice way to move and have fun while hanging out with my friends,” said Geraldine Villarreal, sophomore. “The room was big enough to dance but keep having a safe distance between each other.”

Even though students are trying to adapt to the new normal; the COVID-19 pandemic cannot stop the fun. As the semester continues, more events are being planned. For more information, check out the Lynn Events page, lynn.presence.io.

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