Summer 2020 Staff Writers

Kathryn Hubbard, Summer Editor-in-Chief (Assistant Editor)

Kathryn Hubbard is a rising senior majoring in Multimedia Journalism. She served as the assistant editor and social media manager for the iPulse since last year. Last semester, Hubbard interned with ESPN West Palm and attended the Honda Classic Golf Tournament. She participated in this year’s Super Bowl halftime show as an audience member and assembled the stage.

Summer Staff Writers

Ariel Alesi is a photographer, a musician, and an accomplished fiction writer, having contributed to a Hugo award-winning project. They’re currently a student at Lynn University studying photography. When not busy writing, they like to relax with good food, friends and video games.

Danielle Assini is a senior studying Communications from Long Island, New York. She enjoys going to the beach with her friends, dancing, and being with family. Assini had an internship for a radio station in Boca Raton. She is looking forward to graduating and seeing where that takes her in the future.

Ana Barcenas is a sophomore student at Lynn University, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations as also in human resource management. She is fluent in both Spanish and English. Originally from Venezuela, but has also lived in the United States and Canada. Barcenas had previously interned in a local Boca Raton business called Savor Our City.

Jaz Bonham is a senior and psychology student at Lynn University. She is an animal lover and one day wishes to own a dog rescue facility. Bonham just recently raised awareness for survivors of hurricane Dorian and filled over 250 backpacks for the people living in the Abacos Islands.

Lillian Connors is a junior at Lynn University studying Media Studies. She is originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, and now lives in sunny South Florida with her older brother, Evan. Lilly used to be a dancer back at home from the age of 3-17. She has always had a passion for creating videos and overall being a creative person.

Catie Gilbride is a senior at Lynn University pursuing a career in advertising and public relations. She is hoping to get a job within the music industry and has had some connections thus far. Last summer, Gilbride interned with a music festival company and went all over the United States traveling with the company. She has also been a brand ambassador for many different companies, and the most notable is with the brand Pollen. When she’s not involved in working with festivals, Gilbride enjoys spending her free time going on hikes with her friends as well as skiing.  

Mariela Guzman is a sophomore in the 3.0 Program. Mariela was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Since her parents emigrated from the Dominican Republic, Guzman found her passion for interviewing and reporting as she learned about her parent’s lives. After graduating with her bachelor’s at Lynn, Mariela would like to pursue her career in New York City.

Courtney Hincman is a senior at Lynn University, studying Marketing. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Hincman has become certified in Google Analytics, created a website for a custom shoe design company, and developed social media advertisements for small local companies in Massachusetts. During her high school years, she was captain of the Dance Team and competed on a national dance competition team for 16 years until 2017.

Jason Hochberg is a multimedia journalism major, going into his junior year at Lynn University. When not at school, Hochberg lives in Fairfield, Connecticut. During his free time, he enjoys playing golf and watching baseball, football, hockey and basketball. Hochberg is most passionate for Major League Baseball and is a batboy for the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals of Major League Baseball for spring training.

Dana Hoffman is a senior from New York set to complete her BFA in Film & Television. Most recently, she worked as a video editor for the TV show FoodQuest at WGST Productions. Also, Hoffman decided to major in Hospitality Management. She hopes to have a career in the hotel business, where her verbal communication skills may shine.

Nai Peng Jiang is a junior at Lynn with a Private Pilot major. Born in China, Jiang lives in Kingston, Jamaica. He found the passion for being a pilot, the experience of peace and harmony at 5000 feet above ground keep him motivated to stay focus on ground and flight school. He is looking forward to completing his PPL Written as well as solo flights.

Marta Jorda Garcia is a senior, majoring in Digital Art & Design, originally from Barcelona, Spain. Garcia has lived in five different countries and speaks four different languages. Garcia loves yoga and traveling. She has also found love for photography, where she created the yearbook for her high school for four consecutive years.

Alana Luke Velasquez is a social media, advertising, and public relations major and a junior at Lynn University. She enjoys chatting with friends and family on Instagram. Velasquez helps out her local community in Boca Raton, with community service in Boca Helping Hands and others. She recently traveled to Japan, during January Term for study abroad program and connected with the CIEE, over in Tokyo, Japan.

Alyson Langley is a Florida native born in Miami and raised in Boca Raton. She received her Associate Degree In Advertising, Social Media And Public Relations from Lynn University. Langley often volunteers with the local chapter of JAFCO and is currently on her way to getting her bachelor’s degree. She enjoys spending time with her cat Batman and her dog Alfred, reading, playing the guitar and listening to podcasts.

Troy Modugno is a senior at Lynn University in the College of Communications from Livingston, New Jersey. He loves watching and playing sports with his friends. Modugno enjoys spending time with his family and going to the gym.

Sergio Sannia is a freshman at Lynn University studying Sports Management from Venezuela and moved to Miami when he was 13 years old due to the political crisis. Sannia’s passion is soccer, and he was able to earn a spot at Lynn’s prestigious soccer program. He enjoys reading soccer articles, as well as providing further analysis to them.

Camryn Weinbaum is a sophomore at Lynn University studying communication Long Island, New York. Weinbaum is excellent in playing soccer and basketball and is very skilled and taught by the best in the world. She enjoys being with her friends and family, traveling and experiencing new adventures.

Matthew Wick is an aviation management major in Lynn University’s 3.0 program and is on track to graduate in May. In 2017, Wick was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. Wick was also Vice President of the French National Honors Society in high school.

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