Living A Vibrant Fit Lifestyle

Learn What it Means to Live a Vibrant Life with Lynn Alum

Lynn alum Megan Weinraub graduated from Lynn in 2016 and just two years later moved to California and created Vibrant Fit, a workout program offered both online and in person for people looking to live “Vibrant Lives”. 

Shortly after college, Weinraub moved to Boston and worked at Equinox as a personal trainer and certified nutritionist. Weinraub is originally from Mahwah, New Jersey. Weinraub majored in Graphic Design at Lynn and always had a dream to start her own business. 

With her background in personal fitness, Weinraub wanted to create a company that looked at all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Vibrant Fit started in May of 2018 and since has continued to positively influence many people. 

“I started Vibrant Fit so people could live vibrant lives,” said Weinraub. “Once you start taking care of yourself you can really shock yourself and realize how you weren’t getting the right nutrients before, didn’t have a lot of energy, and had to resort to drinking caffeine.” 

Weinraub and co-founder Matthew Scott continue to go above and beyond for their clients by helping them reach their fitness goals as well as feel better inside and out. Weinraub focuses on what is done inside the gym as well as outside the gym, helping clients to create a positive mindset and take care of their physical and mental health. 

“We offer online and in person personal training, nutrition guides and meal plans, as well as teach you how to train your mindset into having a positive one to reach your goals,” said Weinraub. “We have weekly check ins and give our clients journal prompts, yoga and meditation guides.” 

With this, Vibrant Fit offers apparel including women’s and men’s clothing and workout materials like resistance bands. Vibrant Fit is more than just a workout routine, it is a lifestyle brand and a movement for like-minded people. 

“To anyone looking to create a Vibrant Fit lifestyle for themselves, set positive intentions, write 3 things you are grateful for everyday and start your journey today,” said Weinraub. “Set a goal and start becoming aware of what you put into your body.” 

Weinraub encourages her clients and the public through media outlets everyday to train, grow, and evolve. To join the movement to live vibrant, go to , their Instagram @Vibrant_fit or Weinraub’s Instagram @megankrystleweinraub. 

“The goal is to help people shine their light and love to take care of their bodies,” said Weinraub. “Learn to know what you are putting into your body and workout for the right reasons, then you will begin to love and appreciate your body and your mind.” 

Kelly Marmo

Kelly Marmo is a sophomore majoring in communications and design. Marmo has a love for journalism, advertising and public relations, which all led her to become a member of iPulse. Outside of iPulse, Marmo’s interests include music, exercise and photography.

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