Beached Barge

Barge On Deerfield Beach Has Yet To Be Removed

The barge that washed up on Florida’s Deerfield Beach 20 yards from Pier 5 at the shoreline has yet to be removed by the proper authorities. 

Parts of the barge could disintegrate under the weight of the people ignoring precautions and exploring the ship. Caution tape around the 44-ton barge instructs beach-goers and passers-by to stay away from the rusty ship, but some vacationers have elected to ignore the tape in order to climb on the barge and take photos. 

“They don’t have a plan to remove it. I don’t know how long it’ll be here, but it is a hazard if children play on it. It’s dangerous for a number of reasons,” said one of the beach’s on-duty lifeguards. “The caution tape doesn’t really stop them.” 

The construction and removal project began on Thursday Sept. 26 but will likely take a matter of weeks to complete. iPulse plans to follow this story closely in the upcoming weeks. Visit the iPulse website,, to check for further updates regarding the beached barge. 

Ethan Pond

Ethan Pond is currently a transfer sophomore. Originally from Boston, Pond is a former Gettysburg champion, who starred in a Ken Burns PBS documentary. His ambition while in South Florida is to become the next great radio commentator for the MLB.

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