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Mary’s Kitchen Transforms Lynn Dining

By Sofia Lasprilla

 Web Coordinator

The significant changes at Mary’s Kitchen, the new cafeteria in the Christine E. Lynn University Center, have altered the dining experience for students, faculty and staff. 

From the outset, the aesthetics of the building have students buzzing.  The spacious eating area, modern feel and new methods of food delivery in the Bobby Campbell Dining Commons provide individuals a more streamlined experience.

“Not only is the food good, but I really like how the cups are bigger,” said Olivier Groleau, freshman. “Plus, the trays make dining very convenient.”

For many, it seems one of the highlights is the seating arrangement in the new dining commons.  Now, the facility is concerned by some to be yet another hangout spot, where individuals can simply come together with or without a meal in front of them.

“I like how we no longer have to swipe our [student ID] to come and sit down with friends,” said Cristina Gutierrez, senior.  “The space looks really nice and aesthetically-pleasing, and the tables are placed to allow all diners to feel more comfortable.” 

Apart from the space itself, many have suggested the food quality also has significantly improved with the new facility.  Across the various stations, individuals have a plethora of options when looking for a bite to eat.

“I definitely think the pizza is a lot better with the new space, and I really enjoy how the area pairs well with the available food,” said Sarah DePeri, senior.  “Regardless of what you eat, it will always be a great place to spend time with others.”

In its early stages, Mary’s Kitchen seems to be a hit with students.  From the expanded menu to the modern design, the new facility gives individuals everything they want and more.  If the current growth at Lynn is any indication, the facility will only continue to improve in the coming months. 

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