The New Alternative to Chipotle

Kitchenette Fresh & Fast Opens In Boca

By Olivia Kramer

 Advertising Manager

The recently opened Kitchenette Fresh & Fast at 209 SE 1st Ave. in Boca Raton offers fresh, fast and healthy food. 

Kitchenette Fresh & Fast’s menu is created for various lifestyles, especially for those seeking to stay healthy. In fact, its menu caters to those with vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian diets. Due to its diverse range of options, the Kitchenette Fresh & Fast team is confident in providing inexpensive but nutritious meals in a timely manner that has customers coming back for more. 

“The lifestyle our food is intended for is those living health-consciously,” said Mehmet Atici, owner of Kitchenette Fresh & Fast. “We buy the food fresh and we prepare it fresh.”

Kitchenette Fresh & Fast offers a style similar to that of Chipotle Mexican Grill. Each customer has an option of making a wrap or a bowl. Once guests pick their foundation, they have a variety of bases, proteins, veggies, toppings and sauces from which to choose.

“When the customer comes and chooses whatever they like, the food will be done in just two minutes,” said Emre Atici, Kitchenette Fresh & Fast team member. 

The staff reports that many customers have found Kitchenette Fresh & Fast is the perfect restaurant to grab a quick and delicious meal, while simultaneously managing to stay healthy. Ideal for those looking to try something unique, this spot offers multiple special options including dolmades, falafel, chickpeas, hummus and sunflower seeds. 

“I love the chicken bowl with the chef’s white sauce and avocado,” said Atici. “It is the best item on the menu.” 

Kitchenette Fresh & Fast provides an ideal addition for Boca residents seeking healthier choices. For more information, visit 

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