Bear Brings Eats To Delray Beach

By Ben Hirschman

Staff Writer

With a wide-ranging menu, Bear’s Food Shack has seen massive success in its first two months of business in Palm Beach County.

The owner of the eatery, Bear, has flourished in the restaurant business throughout his career. With experience in Hawaii and Washington, D.C., he has owned over 20 restaurants and hopes to continue his success in Delray Beach.

Thus far, Bear’s multi-location history has helped him prosper in the short run. Bear’s food shack has been a hit locally due to its fairly priced menu.

“I start my day every morning at Bear’s with an egg and cheddar cheese sandwich for about three dollars,” said Frank Torres, freshman. “It’s hard to beat that unless you go to [a fast food establishment] for a lesser quality breakfast.”

From wraps to specialty coffees and tacos, the minds behind Bear’s cuisine has truly provided a wide array of options for its guests. In fact, many health-conscious individuals have found their own tasty treats to enjoy at the Delray outlet as well.

“When we started two months ago, we consulted with numerous health professionals to provide the best acai bowls and smoothies,” said Freddy Mogh, chef at Bear’s.  “We use organic ingredients, gluten-free and vegan items to make sure we have food for all our fans.”

The shack is located before the main Atlantic Ave. strip and houses a large parking area for customers. Unlike the typical hassle of finding parking on Atlantic Ave., Bear’s makes it easy for loyal supporters to visit their dining spot.

“One of my favorite reasons to come here, aside from the delightful food, is the fact that stopping by is so easy,” said Taylor Johnson, junior and Delray native.

As Bear’s thrives in the south Florida community, it has and will continue to make changes to accommodate the public.  Having already expanded their hours from closing at 4 p.m. to now doing so at 9 p.m., it is clear the team at the food shack have a people-centric focus. While the food shack grows, food enthusiasts alike should keep an eye on Delray’s standout eatery.

Ben Hirschman

Benjamin Hirschman is a senior majoring in multimedia journalism. Originally from Potomac, Md., Hirschman initially came to Lynn as a business major in 2014. Since switching majors, he has interned at Sports Immortals Museum and

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