A First Look Into Preparations For The 2018 Annual Spring Fashion Show At Lynn

By Nicole Cleri

Contributing Writer

Lynn University will be hosting its annual fashion show on Saturday, May 5 at 7:30 p.m in the Wold Performing Arts Center. Fashion students in the College of Business will be showcasing their original pieces and clothing lines.

Year after year, the event is assigned a general theme that the fashion show participants follow. This year, the theme has been announced as “carnival,” in an effort to portray the different celebrations that take place all around the world.

Following this theme, this year’s show is expected to feature pieces and cultural designs that represent many different countries. Some of the different styles that will be featured will range from areas all over the world, such as: the Caribbean, Trinidad, Haiti, Aruba and Mexico. There will also be styles from European countries including Italy, France, London and Ireland.

“This year my students are definitely raising the bar for the class of 2019,” said Lisa Dandeo, associate professor and fashion show coordinator. “You can expect to see more ostentatious fashion. The show will be giving the entire global view of the fashion industry and will be much more cultural.”

In an effort to ensure the event showcases cultural diversity, Dandeo turned to a lot of Lynn’s current students from various backgrounds to become involved in the show. This way, they can utilize their own personal cultural styles and implement them into their work and planning of the event.

The planning of the actual event begins taking place months in advance and Lynn students are hard at work to exceed all previous shows. “Last year, the theme was the ‘seven wonders of the world’ and this year we decided on a ‘carnival’ theme, but the kind of carnival you see in the Caribbean and South America with big beautiful feathered headdresses,” said Maria Kahn, sophomore and fashion student. “We wanted to do a cultural theme where we can showcase celebration and carnival all over the world across the continents. The styles are all very authentic.”

The fashion show will feature the work of 13 Lynn students who will be showing a three-piece themed collection, adding up to a total of 39 pieces. Lynn students who auditioned for the show and were chosen by the student designers will be modeling the work of their peers on the runway.

There are 50 models participating in the show, a mix of 35 females and 15 males. “There is no criteria to model in the show,” said Dandeo. “We take any shape, size and culture. As long as you feel beautiful in your own skin, we want you on our runway.”

The fashion show is open seating and free of charge for all members of the Lynn community. Members of neighboring communities can attend the event with the purchase of a $5 ticket. Tickets can be purchased in the box office located inside the Wold Performing Arts Center.

Nicole Cleri

Nicole Cleri, a 19-year-old from Port St. Lucie, is a sophomore/junior in the 3.0 program. She aspires to become a journalist beyond college. When not at school, Cleri loves to be with her friends and family, or working at one of her three jobs.

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