A Note From The Editors On Thanksgiving

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By Shawn Johnson, Kaitlyn Frame & Hadassa Delhomme


Throughout the past few years, citizens across America and the world have endured tragedy in many forms, whether it be mass shootings, natural disasters or perils of war.

From international conflict to national dispute, 2017 can easily be categorized as one of the toughest years in modern America. Still, we have much to celebrate as a nation all the while. That is why we would like to welcome Thanksgiving break and the upcoming holidays with warm receptiveness, encouraging our readers to cherish the final stretch of the semester and year overall.

To take things back, we reflect on the good, the bad and even the random happenings across the country.

With each 3 a.m. tweet, our president has continued to voice his opinion on the recently upgraded Twitter platform.  Meanwhile, the NFL’s stance on racial topics grew tremendously through national anthem protests, as leaders across the sport joined alongside the controversial issue.

In the world of social media, ‘Salt Bae’ overtook headlines seemingly overnight. The Turkish chef Nusre Gokce captured viewers’ attention with his signature salting maneuvers in early January.

During the Oscars in February, the most notable gaffe of the year occurred when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly opened the wrong envelope and announced the winner for a different category. Once all was said and done, “Moonlight” left the occasion with the award for Best Picture, rather than the gracious “La La Land” film from Jordan Horowitz.

At iPulse, we recognize the significance in taking time to appreciate all of the good in the world, so we ask for all of our loyal readers to cherish the world around you, for there is always hope beyond our struggles.

If we all do this, we will surely be able to conquer the rest of this year.

Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson, a member of the 3.0 accelerated degree program, is a sophomore at Lynn University. Having grown up in Birmingham, Ala., Shawn established an unwavering love for college athletics in his youth. Wanting to connect his love for sports with his passion for writing, he has identified sports journalism as the ultimate goal of his academic endeavors at Lynn. As such, Shawn is a multimedia journalism major at Lynn. Within his collegiate interests, he hopes to follow in the footsteps of former Fighting Knight and current ESPN reporter Lisa Kerney. Outside of iPulse, Shawn is a contributing writer for the Palm Beach Post as well. Going into his second year, there is still much more in the tank for his career preparation at Lynn. Thankful for the opportunities he has received thus far, Shawn is eager to grow alongside his peers in the College of Communication and Design.

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