“Blackstar” and “Lazarus” Video Hinted About David Bowie’s Death

By: Paige Ellenson

Staff Writer

David Bowie passed away Sunday, Jan. 10, 2016 two days after he released his final album “Blackstar”.


The influential and extraordinary icon simply used this album as a metaphor to say his farewell to the world. Bowie recorded “Blackstar” during his final months, knowing his 18-month fight with liver cancer was coming to an end. With the album hitting stands on his 69 birthday, fans started to realize this album was nothing like his previous ones.


“He was a one of a kind entertainer that let future artists perform out of the box and to be different,” said Candie Ellenson, local school board employee.


“Blackstar” consists of seven songs, all following the theme of eternal rest. His song “Lazarus” showed Bowie blindfolded rising from a hospital bed. This video clearly showed indications of Bowie’s passing into another world, and it is apparent that he was sending a goodbye message to his fans.


“When I was a kid I watched ‘Labyrinth’ with one of my best friends and I just fell in love with David Bowie,” said Kaitlyn Frame, freshman. “His voice was amazing, his music was incredible and he was just so different, and I loved he wasn’t afraid to be himself. He didn’t care what people thought and I always admired that and strived to be like him in that way.”


Despite his passing, Bowie will always remain with his fans through his music and movies. Bowie was not just an artist, but also a trendsetter. With nothing stopping him, he showed the world who he really was, and he will never be forgotten.


“There is a long list of scheduled musical releases that he planned to debut after his death,” said Alexis Woodyard, freshman. “I love a good Bowie album so I’m excited to still be able to listen to new music.”


With more musical debuts to come, Bowie’s presence will always be remembered. Bowie leaves behind his model wife Iman, and two children Alexandria Zahra Jones and Duncan Jones.


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