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Adam Yurkiewitz

By Adam Yurkiewitz

Contributing Writer

Around campus, there have been many students from nearly every corner of the world. One of those students was alumnus Mahmood Al Abri, an Oman native.

“I am from Oman, which is located in the Middle East, near Dubai,” said Al Abri. “I discovered Lynn on the Internet, and I really liked the weather in Florida since it is similar to my country.”

Back in his hometown of Muscat, Oman’s capital and largest city, Al Abri studied and then worked at one of his country’s most prestigious universities, Sultan Qaboos University. During his career there, he worked in the technology department to assist faculty and staff.

“I [worked] as an event technician,” said Al Abri. “I was responsible for managing and maintaining the audio and video equipment in the lecture halls within the university.”

Al Abri’s director from Sultan Qaboos University sponsored him, along with two other students from Oman to study film and television at Lynn, with the goal of returning home after graduation to continue supporting the technology department. Al Abri feels extremely lucky to have this opportunity and is very thankful for it.

What made Al Abri unique amongst the student body was his dedication to his major, film and television. He originally began his studies in event management, but was then instructed to transfer to film and television in the College of Communication and Design.

In his time at Lynn, Al Abri would often be found by faculty, staff and students around campus with his video camera, always ready to shoot. Besides working with the classrooms at Sultan Qaboos University, he enjoys filming events with his artistic eye.

“Filming has opened a whole new world of opportunity for me,” said Al Abri. “I cannot wait to see where technology will be in the next few years.”

Additionally, Al Abri found a love for the professors while pursuing his degree. His favorite part about his education in Boca was that he was able to develop personal relationships with his professors, rather than simply being another student in the classroom.

Another thing that stood out to Al Abri when looking for a university in the United States was innovation and technology. “I chose Lynn because they have the latest audiovisual equipment,” he said. “The latest technology will provide me with a competitive advantage over my colleagues when returning home.”

“The relationships that have grown between my professors and I are truly amazing,” said Al Abri. “I feel like I am part of one big family.”

Al Abri enjoys working with the latest technology and he says that Lynn is highly innovative. He is excited for the future and hopes to return to Boca with his family to visit.

Outside of school, Al Abri loves to travel and has visited many countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. His love for travel has only furthered his love for sports cars.

As for where Al Abri sees himself in 10 years, he explained, “I wish to be in my country, Oman, in a higher position at my workplace.”

“I see the future as brightly lit,” said Al Abri. “I cannot wait to return to Lynn to see all of the innovative things they will be doing in the next few years.”

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