Amenities And Advice With Campus Safety

By Kendall Steiger

Staff Writer


Though it may not be known to some residents on campus, Lynn has numerous security features that exist for the benefit of its students. Lynn’s campus is an extremely safe place where students can feel at home.

On campus, many golf carts can be seen in various places. These golf carts may be one of the most useful resources to students who attend Lynn and live in one of the school’s six residence halls.

If called later at night, campus safety officers can come to any location of the Lynn campus and pick up any student or faculty member in need of help. This service also applies to those who may feel unsafe walking back to their dorm from the parking lot or those who are in need of some help.

“A friend [of mine] didn’t feel comfortable walking alone back to her dorm,” said Tuquane Stevens, sophomore. “She called campus safety, they picked her up and she stayed safe that night.”

The benefits and helpfulness of campus safety are not only available in the evening; their readiness is also relevant in the daytime. If a student ever needs assistance at any time of the day, calling the campus safety phone number can assure a quick response.

Though it may not be a security measure, one thing that is still important to mention involves the residence halls on campus. Len Wells, one of Lynn’s security officers, highlighted the dangers of propping doors open in residence halls.

“Don’t prop open your doors. Kids have a tendency to prop them open and then people have access to your dorm,” he said.

This could mean that any person can have access to a student’s room who leaves their door open whether they are in the room or not. Keeping the door open could mean damage to the student or their property, which could be an incredibly dangerous occurrence.

“If you leave the door open then anybody can come in,” said Wells.

Lynn also has an amnesty policy that allows students in dangerous situations to get the help they need. This policy gives students the chance to do the right thing and potentially save lives without being reprimanded. This policy states that students who seek help in the event of an emergency will be exempt from any punishment or legal matters.

“I would hope that students would be able to do the right thing without any negative consequences,” said Adam Simpson, associate professor.

Lynn has a dedicated campus safety team that is willing to help no matter what the case. To contact campus safety, students can call (561)-237-7226 where available security officers can be reached at any time of day.

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