Local Tea Lovers Have Reason to Rejoice

Located on Swinton Ave. in Delray Beach, Yaxche Tearoom is a small affordable nook in the corner with an array of elements to fill your creative needs.

Yaxche, (Pronounced “yaw-chee,”) meaning the Mayan tree of life, is a significant charm to its community. Co-owner Alexandra Wayne donates a fraction of the company’s proceeds as a contribution to providing clean water for surrounding towns and planet.
The staff steeps and brews all of the beverages with filtered water known as Goodwater. The process is handled and manufactured by a partner company that doubles as a Delray developer. According to these producers, the water serves to be the base of the enterprise.
Employees note that the overall vision for the restaurant is to maintain its small size and intimacy in order to convey a sense of community in the heart of Delray.
“The decor and the atmosphere is so vivid,” said Chris Callahan, 34. “This place is truly one of a kind no matter if you choose to sit indoors or out.”
The tearoom contains a huge variety of about 100 teas to choose from, pastries and vibrant colors that radiate the space.
“It’s honestly like your dream tea place but in real life,” said Kristina Wheeler, 25. “The entire vibe is perfect. The most important thing though is the message behind all of this; it’s great for our community.”
Employees ask customers a series of questions to better fit their needs upon their stay. Each answer guides the customer in choosing a specific jar of loose-leaf tea that they can smell for themselves. Tea experts and ‘mixologists’ can make custom beverages.
“I recommend what we call here the ‘Feelin’ Fine’ because that is quite literally what it does,” said Nikki Tate, 22. “It is supposed to help boost the immune system before and after your illness as well.” Yaxche Tearoom features an electric menu of food that is displayed alongside a decorated chalkboard of menu items upon walking in.

Customers can choose from a variety of culinary goodies like savory avocado toast and chicken empanadas, to sweet banana and peanut butter cakes. Yaxche is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. Coffee starts at $3 and tea at $4.

Photo courtesy of MyPalmBeachPost.com.

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