Introducing One of Lynn’s Very Few Two Year Graduates: Stephanie Woloshin

Stephanie Woloshin, senior, is one of the very few students to have completed a degree in only four semesters—something she calls the “2.0” program. The option for her to earn her degree in such a short time was a prominent reason for her decision to attend the university.

“It’s very multifaceted here at Lynn,” said Woloshin. “I have the opportunity to be a college student, but also develop professionally while being philanthropic. I think all of that is very powerful.”
Woloshin is a student of the College of International Communication majoring in communication and emerging media with a minor in advertising and public relations. She decided to choose the field of study because it is broad and can encompass many interests.
“I think this major will allow me to do a lot of different things. Regardless of what field or discipline you go into, having high quality communication skills is imperative.”
To the young professional, effective communication is a skill all students should work on as they study toward their degrees. In Woloshin’s words, communication students are “lucky” to study something they will use every day for the rest of their lives.
“Communication is what dominates our world,” said Woloshin.
Aside from her academic performance, Woloshin is also leader in the greater community. She is the president and founder of Students Supporting Israel, a pro-Israel grassroots movement, and a member of the Lynn Leadership Institute. She also serves as vice president of Hillel on campus and is the only Lynn student to sit on the board of Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach County. On Sundays, she teaches Hebrew and Judaic studies at B’Nai Israel Congregation.
“In high school I lobbied against the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran on [the Zionist Organization of America’s] mission trip to [Washington, DC]. It is my dream to inspire other students to advocate on behalf of Israel and showcase their passion for the county.”
In addition to her leadership roles, Woloshin is a growing part of the corporate network in Boca. She currently interns for city councilman Scott Singer while still maintaining another internship position in finance.
“Right now, I’m just trying to find the field in which I’m most passionate. When I finally feel as if I’m able to lose myself in something, that’s what I ultimately want to pursue.”
Woloshin is proud to have worked through her undergraduate career in such a short amount of time. She has had to juggle seven to eight classes at a time while still maintaining her extracurricular involvement and 4.0 GPA. The decision to hurry her studies was not initially planned but ultimately has left her in an advantageous situation.
“There’s so much more to learn outside of the classroom and I’m going to be getting these experiences sooner than peers who are my age,” reasoned Woloshin.
Regardless of what the student has achieved thus far, she is humbled by a future filled with more knowledge.
“Even when you leave your college or your university, you’re still learning from the people that you meet and the experiences you have. That’s how I have primarily grown throughout my college experience.”

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