Fitting Fitness Into A Daily Schedule

Amidst the COVID-19 regulations on Lynn University’s campus, Lynn student-athletes have taken new initiatives to incorporate fitness into their routines during their 2021 seasons.

Lynn has become one of the many schools in the Sunshine State Conference to have their athletic seasons disturbed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fitness has taken a new form at Lynn, which means the relocation of equipment from its original home on the Lynn Residence Center’s first floor to the use of equipment outside the Count and Countess de Hoernle Sports and Cultural Center.

“It’s a bit of a difference, but nothing we can’t handle,” said Grace Alexander, women’s lacrosse defensive player. “We are able to get a workout in, just in a modified way. COVID-19 testing has become a key factor in keeping the campus safe and to keep the testing ability up to date.”

Core Occupational Medicine is located where the former fitness center occupied the Lynn Residence Center’s first floor. To ensure that students utilize services at the testing site and keep up on their fitness, the gym machines have been relocated. Some athletes at Lynn have found it difficult to adjust to this change because there is access to less equipment.

“It’s a bit difficult because the equipment we use outdoors is limited compared to what we had in the gym,” said Ginger Stein, women’s Lacrosse player.

Although moving fitness sites has proved challenging for Lynn’s student-athletes, many find pride in the ability to continue to stay fit while staying safe on campus. The students have adopted a new sense of gratefulness.

“This shows that anything can be taken away from you at any moment, but you’ve just got to work with what you have,” said Alexander.

Despite many challenges, Lynn’s studentathletes have reincorporated fitness into their new and updated lifestyles by going with the flow and adapting to change.

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