It Won’t be Like This For Long

Cary and her dad
Cary Rucker and her father, Darius Rucker.


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Imagine hiding a part of your identity for the last 19 years of your life – it is hard enough for an average teen to acquire genuine friendships, but picture how difficult it may be for the daughter of an A-List celebrity.

Freshman Cary Rucker grew up in the limelight of her father’s success in the music industry. Being that her father is Darius Rucker, a Grammy Award winning sensation – expressing her own personality became challenging when classmates would criticize her character based on who her father is.


“It was really hard to find friends that accepted me for who I am, not for the connection of my dad,” said C. Rucker. “I was very naive when I was younger and I ended up choosing the wrong types of friends to be around.”

Although it became extremely challenging for C. Rucker to identify the right niche of friends, she refused to allow feelings of resentment grow towards her father. She has always been a “True Believer” and firm supporter of her father’s career.

“I was in seventh grade the first time I traveled with my dad on tour and it was thrilling to be in a different state everyday,” said C. Rucker. “Before every concert me and my dad would go and explore all of the famous locations in every city that we went to.”

Although C. Rucker has experience a tremendous amount of opportunities, such as attending the Country Music Awards, she is an extremely down to earth individual that is just trying to maintain a typical college student’s lifestyle.

C. Rucker spent most of her time resigning in Baltimore, Maryland with her mother, where she had graduated from high school. She is very passionate about the arts, and hopes to purse a career in the future that accommodates both music and writing as a whole.

“I have always loved creative writing and hope to someday become an author,” said C. Rucker. “My dream is to publish a trilogy at some point in my life.”

Along with creative writing, C. Rucker also dreams of becoming a professional songwriter, and would love to be able to direct music videos in the future. Her reasons for enrolling into Lynn were because she was instantly sold on the concept that this university offers so much to the students.

“I have made so many friendships here at Lynn that I finally am able to express who I really am as a person and I love that I don’t need to hide anything from them,” said C. Rucker. “Along with friends, I love the fact that I am learning so much here at Lynn too.”

Brooke Rudisill

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