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Stefano Papaleo, Mohamed Abdalla and Taryn Hamill all share memories of being proud Fighting Knights, and continue to make memories while working in the admissions department at Lynn together.

Lynn is truly a place like no other. One becomes part of the family within the first few weeks. Finding the right niche at this widely diverse university is easy, as there is a club or organization for everyone. For this reason, graduates often remain at the university during their career.

“When you get here, put your best foot forward from day one, just hit the ground running,” said Hamill.

Abdalla received his undegraduate degree from Lynn in 2011 and will receive his graduate degree in 2014. When asked about his favorite Lynn memory he immediately mentions being elected as student body leader.

“[My biggest accomplishment as a student was] becoming student body president,” said Abdalla.

With a passion for politics, Abdalla recently ran for the Boca Raton City Council and wishes to continue a career within the field.

Being an international student, Papaleo found a family away from home at Lynn. In 1996 he graduated from Lynn, with his bachelor’s degree in communication, Stefano continued his studies at Lynn and became a Graduate Assistant (GA). He has since worked his way up to Director of Undergraduate Admission.

A high percentage of the current admission counselors started as students at Lynn and continued to their current position.

“Bringing in students that fit [the university] is the best feeling,” said Abdalla.

“Working with students and hearing their stories and why they want to come to Lynn [is enjoyable],” said Hamill.

One story in particular stands out for Hamill. A potential student, eager to enroll at Lynn, could not afford the cost of attending. Hamill put together the Heart Scholarship to cover tuition costs and made it possible for this student to attend Lynn.

Hamill enjoys knowing that this young woman has blossomed into an amazing Lynn Graduate. This story continues to make Hamill proud of her accomplishments as a member of the Lynn Admission Team, as well a proud alumna.

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