The Best Free Fitness Apps For Those Constantly On The Go


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With the variety of fitness and health-related apps available on virtual marketplaces, keeping in shape and maintaining fitness levels is easier than ever before. From workout routines to diet tracking applications.

There are fitness apps to suit the needs of everyone. Whether one is looking for the perfect workout playlist, a calorie counter or a diet tracker, there are an array of apps tailored to helping people FREE FITNESS APPS FOR FAST PACED LIVING The Best Free Fitness Apps For Those Constantly On The Go reach their fitness goal.

“These apps can keep track of what you are eating,” said Julieth Link, junior. “They can give you an outline depending on your body composition or fitness goals.”

In today’s fast paced world, people often neglect their personal health. However, with the help of apps, busy people can squeeze in fitness that fits their routine.

“I am always running for everything and keeping a track of what I eat and what workout routine I can do in 30 minutes is perfect because I do not have time for more,” said Ana Luisa Da Corte, sophomore.

One of the most popular apps among students and young people is My- FitnessPal. This is a free online calorie counter and diet planner that helps individuals lose weight by tracking their caloric intake.

It also provides them with a large database of food with a description of the nutritional values. This particular app is available for both iOS and Android devices. “I love MyFitnessPal,” said Gabo Anzueto, senior. “It has helped me maintain my figure because I always check what are the calories and nutritional facts that I am having.”

Furthermore, Freeletics Workouts and Training provides users with different workouts depending on their experience, fitness levels and time constraints. Daily Abs Workout, 8fit, the Workout Timer, Fitness Point and Nike+ are other applications available for Android and iOS that can be downloaded for free.

The path to maintaining fitness has never been easier, quicker and cheaper with the wide variety of free apps available.

Anastasia Subervi

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